Welcome to Support Care And Networking (SCAN)!

SCAN Visitation, now a division of Empowering Inc. Services

Our Mission

The mission at SCAN is keeping children safe from abuse and neglect through education, training, and mentoring.

Our Vision

  • To help parents become better parents.
  • To unify families.
  • To offer services to every community member who needs assistance working with children, regardless of income level.
  • To instill knowledge to the community about the impact each person makes in the lives of children and to their responsibility to protect every child from abuse and neglect.
  • To empower people to help.

Our Values

Family. Children. Education. Opportunity. Love.


By visiting our website, you are taking the first step towards helping families and educating the community about child abuse and neglect prevention!

Spokane Child Abuse Network (SCAN)