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By now your business has already heavily invested in technology privacy & consent preferences for all of your company websites. 

But today more than 80% of Fortune 1000 companies are not respecting visitor privacy consent & preferences. Why?

First, most businesses simply are not ensuring that enforcement is working as expected. 


Most are checking consent enforcement manually, and they cannot validate with precision or at scale.

Enterprise websites are complex and have many code & content owners.

Do you know if the privacy consent solutions you purchased is enforcing as intended across all of your pages? Did you know that there are countless ways that consent enforcement can fail to function correctly due to technology workflow complexities?

Chances are you're not enforcing as expected.

S.C.A.N. is a non-profit organization that can reveal the health of your current site. Membership includes monthly audits and reporting to reveal your privacy consent enforcement health, and how you can improve.


Member businesses who pass the monthly audits will be listed both on and in publications as compliant, showing the world that they are "privacy-first" companies.

The S.C.A.N. logo may also be displayed on the company/member website if 12 consecutive monthly audits have  been successful, as defined by S.C.A.N. criteria.

What We Offer

Safe Consumer Advocacy Network - Consent Enforcement Health & Reporting
SCAN APPROVED - Safe Consumer Advocacy Network
Safe Consumer Advocacy Network


enforcement health reporting

Receive monthly health and analysis reports with your annual membership.


industry visibility

Find out how your business' privacy compares within your industry. Custom plans are available through consulting.


Member directory

Become a featured member, sending a message to the world that you are privacy-first.


privacy consulting

Consulting toward troubleshooting and remediation is available upon request.



Connect with other SCAN Members, receive exclusive content, and invitations to industry events



Stand out as an industry influencer, contributing to content that will help make the internet a better place to visit.

"I've been involved in the banking industry for more than 15 years. As a member, I am keeping tabs on my company's privacy enforcement, where, until now, we've never had visibility. SCAN is making my company better, helping us ensure that our visitors' privacy is enforced as expected with our existing tools."

Chief Privacy Officer, Online Banking

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